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Post-Construction/ Renovation

Once the work is finished, cleaning is not an easy task. A deep clean is always necessary, to fully remove dust, dirt and all construction waste stains; let us take care of it.

The Post-Construction/Renovation service is essential for those who have undergone construction or renovation of their home or office. After the work is completed, the cleaning process can be overwhelming. At Runamaid, we ensure that your home or office is thoroughly cleaned and all dust, dirt, and construction waste stains are removed.

Our highly trained team uses advanced cleaning techniques and products to ensure that your home or office is completely clean and disinfected. We make sure to clean every corner and surface of your home or office, including the removal of debris and construction waste.

At Runamaid, our Post-Construction/Renovation service is personalized to meet the individual needs of our clients. We pay attention to details and work efficiently and effectively to ensure that your home or office is ready for use as soon as possible.

We also offer multiple cleaning services such as the following: Empty cabinets, Occupied cabinets, Doors, door frames and door knobs, Finished basement, Unfinished basement, Empty fridge & freezer, Oven (inside), Washer and Dryer (Interior side only), Closets (interior), Baseboards, Dish washing, Blinds, Walls, Garage, Patio.

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